The Facebook post read around the world

Many people have already read this…but we wanted to add it to the blog so it will be recorded in the process. We have already received an overwhelming amount of love and support.  We cherish it all.

Dear Friends-

I don’t even know how to start a message like this…other than to just say it.  Last Thursday I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  Me.  A 31 year old woman who ran 2 half marathons this past year and was planning the next race I can tackle has an ugly tumor in her left breast.  You are never prepared to receive this message.  It pretty much hits you like a freight train and leaves you flattened.  My appointment on Thursday was the full barrage of tests mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy with a very definative conclusion: cancer.  We can’t give you a lot of details about the diagnosis because the moment we heard the C-word you feel like you’re fallng through a tunnel and your analytical abilities are lost.  But from the next few sentences our doctor got out these are the phrases that stood out: tumor in breast…malignant…another mass…lymph node…also malignant…surgery…most likely mastectomy.  So the summary is I have breast cancer that has spread to at least one lymph node and will have surgery on the 5th of March for a full mastectomy.  We will know more details after the surgery about the stage of the cancer, the treatment path and will provide an update after that.  We will be starting a blog because the energy it takes to get information out to people is exhausting and we prefer to keep it in a central place.  Once we have it up and running we will send out the link.  This will be a place where we capture the updates, our specific prayer requests and ways you can help.

Obviously we are crushed. In an instant everything we were planning evaporated and we are now focused on the near term threat.  We went into a free-fall after we heard the diagnosis but have landed on the hard foundation of our faith.  We still believe that God is good and Jesus is faithful to carry us through this. And we have hope for a positive outcome but this process is daunting.  And all we can do at this moment is step into the storm and trust that God will continue to be faithful.

We understand that there are no words for this (except super crappy) and just appreciate your thoughts and prayers.


Lynnea and Jonathan

2 thoughts on “The Facebook post read around the world

  1. Mandy and I care a lot about you guys and will be praying with you the whole way! Will definitely add this to my blog list. Thanks for being willing to share this journey you’re going through!

  2. Hello….

    Not sure which hospital you are going. But if you are getting your treatment in UMCG, we just moved into a apartment right next to it. So if there’s ANYTHING we can possibly help (even like borrow the toilet, take a quick shower…WHATEVER)….we are right here. Wish you the best.

    Yayi and Martijn

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