The anticipation of the unknown

Tomorrow is the day that seemed to come lightning fast and excruciatingly slow at the same time.  The surgery itself is not the hardest part for me, it is the information that will follow. We will then know what kind of cancer it is, how far they think it has spread and the treatment path.  I live in this tension where I want to know the specifics of what I am fighting (again…I’m an engineer we like facts and details) and I don’t want to know because not knowing is a protection from facing it. I recognize the only path is to put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward but that does not make it easy to take. In some ways it feels like the anticipation I felt before starting my first 1/2 marathon. I know that I need to get to the finish line.  I would like to do it running…but I don’t know what the course will throw at me…how my body will feel…or how mentally tough I can be…but I know I will get there as long as I keep moving forward. I am now standing at the starting line of cancer but I don’t know how long my race is going to be.  But I trust that God will keep me moving forward however possible that is in the moment.

Specific prayer requests and the timeline of the surgery (all times are in local Netherlands time GMT +1)

6 am – Please pray for rest
7:00 am – We will be arriving at the hospital…please pray against anxiety, for peace and comfort.
9:30-11:00 – I will be in surgery…please pray for the wisdom and skill of the surgeon. Peace and comfort for my family.
After 11:00 – Recovery…


  • Pray specifically that the cancer has been contained within the breast and the 1 lymph node
  • Through this please pray for a boldness in our faith we are navigating this path in a largely atheist population and want to proclaim Jesus loudly



7 thoughts on “The anticipation of the unknown

  1. Dear you two,

    Was at church this morning, admiring our obvious strength and hope in Him. Just now read through (most of) your blog and am hopeful with you, as you are definitely walking on solid ground, however shaky….!
    I will be praying for you throughout the morning. I will also pray for those surrounding you, Lynnea; the nurses, the surgeons, the anesthesist and any other staff. I will keep in mind those that are praying for you, with you and with those that want to see you run that half marathon again – one day!

    Wishing you love, rest and knowledge that you can do all things in Christ, who strengthens you….

    Simone Turnbull
    P.S. We havent’t actually met yet, so just so you know who I am; I am the pregnant mum with three blondies, my husband is Australian and I sometimes sing…
    Oh, and I’ve added myself to your followers… So I can update my prayers along with your updates 😉 Again: take care. ❤

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  3. The unknown, scary as it often is, is also the hand of God. Welcome what God is allowing in your life. We are very privileged to be allowed to offer just a wee bit of comfort in this intense time of pain and fear for you. Lynnea and Jonathan……….this too will pass and in this too “He is God”.

  4. Lynnea & Jon both of you and your families are in our prayers. Thank you for sharing your faith and struggles with all of us. We will follow your progress and healing through this blog. Peace, healing and comfort in Jesus. Donna and Pete Murphy (Tim’s Mom and Dad)

  5. Hi Lynnea,

    I know we haven’t spoken in many years, but I saw your posts and found your blog. I am thinking about you and your family and you will be in my prayers. Lots of love, and thinking of you compassionately.

    Jyoti Shukla

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