There’s no place like home

I was finally released this morning to return home. Thank God!! I have no complaints about my time at the Martini Ziekenhuis, they were absolutely wonderful to me, but it is not home.  I will miss the kind ladies who would stop by my room every couple hours asking if I want a cup of tea or a cookie.  They would laugh at my broken Dutch but would always tell me I’m doing great.  I will not miss the dry Dutch “broodjes” for breakfast and lunch…everyday…and by broodjes (sandwiches) I mean flat dry bread with margarine and cheese. I don’t believe I will ever embrace this Dutch cultural phenomenon.

I am healing well but am still tired.  My arm is sore and I have limited mobility but with exercise that will come back.  Our next appointment will be on Thursday 15 March to lay out the treatment path. Until then we are going to focus on resting and enjoying the time we have with my mom and sister in town.


10 thoughts on “There’s no place like home

  1. Lynnea – so glad to hear you’re enjoying the comforts of home (and food!) again, and hope your mom and sis and Jonathan are pampering you lots. Also hoping big blue skies and warmth are beaming through your windows just as they are here in Portugal (my kind of winter ….). Love, Shelley.

  2. Your own bed (with pillow & sheets) + your own herb garden + your own “chef” = exponential healing!! What a week … Glen

  3. Welcome home!! and all the best wishes from all your collegues here at work. Everybody asks for you and wishes you all the best 😀

    Im glas you are back in your cozy house with your family…and also the the dutch health system has proven me wrong…it does work! 😉

  4. There truly is no place like home! I hope you are able to fully relax and recover at home surrounded with family. Thinking of you everyday.

  5. Hi Lynnea, good to read you are home ! Enjoy the pampering by your man and family……give them a chance to spoil you (esp. on womans-day, which it is today) ! YES there is a little teacher in me which gives wanted and even more important unwanted advice hahahaa. Hope all is well and that your recovery will go fast. Hope to see you soon.

  6. Hey Sweetie!!
    I know that you have been in good hands but I am relieved that you are finally home. Way to go girl. I know that patients really do recover faster once they are around their familiar surroundings. When we discharge them from the hospital here, I always ask the patient if there is any extra chores that you want to have done around the house. I usually write them on their discharge instruction sheet for their spouse to do when they get home. I am sure between, Alissa, Jonathan, and your Mom, everything that could be cleaned is cleaned, everything that could be weeded is weeded, you get the picture. So the best thing to do is rest, enjoy you loving family, embrace your devoted friends and feel the warmth of their feelings towards you. You are a very percious gift to so many people. Love you lots. Aunt Joyce

  7. So glad to hear that you are home Lynnea. Hope that Jonathan is spoiling you lots. If not he’ll be in trouble with his mom. Love you lots. I’ll echo my sister’s wishes for lots of healing sunshine.

  8. Glad everything went well. Get some rest and everyone will be saying there prayers for you and your family. Take care and enjoy your time with your Mom and Sis!

  9. Hi guys

    Glad you were able to go home thursday, I apologize on behalf of my fellow Dutchies for the ‘tasty’ bread….. Hope Jonathan will be able to compensate for them 🙂

    Well, you get all the rest you need, let them pamper you and we will keep on praying for quick recovery and healing.

    Let us know if we can do anything else for you!

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