Quick lesson on shipping to the Netherlands

We have received quite a few fun packages and really appreciate people spending the time and energy to put something in the mail 1/2 way around the world.  The surprises are thoughtful and really help to put a smile on our faces. See :-).

That being said the Dutch government is good at a lot of things but one thing they are exceptionally good at is taxes. There is a tax on everything and even though they are marked as “gifts”…there is an import tax on your packages.  A big one…75% of your declared value of goods, which we pay when we receive them. The easiest way around this is to keep the declared value of the package below the 22 Euro cutoff point for the import tax.  Obviously we know that there was no way for our family and friends in North America to anticipate this but we would really appreciate if you would keep it in mind when shipping in the future.

Happy Friday!


5 thoughts on “Quick lesson on shipping to the Netherlands

  1. haha! This is such a funny post, and great insight for us when we’re putting little somethings together for you! And to think I was worried I under-declared how much goodies I sent in the last package, worried I’d get busted somehow!!! Love you guys!

  2. Hi Lynnea,

    We never talked a lot at work but I do follow your blog. I think you’re very brave and I admire your courage!
    I talked to my boyfriend about the packages from your friends/relatives in the US and that you have to pay for it. (how stupid!)
    He told me that if they write on the package that it is a gift you don’t have to pay for it. It is a trick that is used a lot by foreign webshops otherwise the customers have to pay a lot for the package. Maybe your friends/relatives can try.
    Kind Regards from the Philips site

    Hannie de Boer

    • Thanks Hannie. However, it seems that even if it is marked as a gift over a certain value it still has the import taxes. Silly. Hopefully I’ll be back at work soon. Lynnea

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