Update Chemo round #1

Welp, I survived the first round of chemo with fairly minimal side effects…so far. 2 HUGE ANSWERED PRAYERS:

  1. The fact that I was able to start treatment. I had a 101F/38.2C fever the day before and if it stayed that high my treatment day was going to slip. I got a good night’s sleep that evening and woke up feeling much better and got the green light to start.
  2. Got the IV on the first go in my hand. Awesome! I was drinking a ton of liquids beforehand and they put a hot pack on my arm which I’m sure helped a lot. Plus I think I made the nurse more focused because of my slippery veins. πŸ™‚

But that was just the first part of the long, boring day. It was in my right hand so I couldn’t do any journaling or crocheting but I got a lot of reading done while the chemicals drip, drip, dripped into my system. I wore my cozy pink bunny socks (with the wide angle lens makes my feet look like pink skis) and wrapped myself in the beautiful quilt my mom and sister gave me to have some love from home. I had no problems with my veins burning or any other discomfort. Poor Jonathan was by my side for the the whole 5 hours in a super uncomfortable chair but he was a trooper.

I am on the strongest dose of anti-nausea medicine and that also seems to have done the trick so far. I am still drinking a ton of liquids and eating small meals but outside of an occasionally queasy stomach it hasn’t been so bad. I understand that the effects are accumulative and this is the first dose but I’m taking my blessings when I get them…one day at a time. I have my “chemo physical therapy” tomorrow to help keep my strength and fitness at a good level during treatment and I am actually excited to go.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and positive vibes during this…they help a lot.



9 thoughts on “Update Chemo round #1

  1. good to hear the first round wasn’t too bad. Glad you had the quilt to hug you as well, it’s beautiful and full of love. I am so glad you have Jonathon in your life, he is a trooper and you need each other at this time. Stay well. Praying for you every day and sending hugs. K

  2. Yahoo! You are a trouper! Just a thought if you’re going to stick with the IV (no pun intended :-)…can they poke you in the forearm? That way you can possibly crochet…there isn’t the same issue with bending your wrist as there is with the arm IV.

    HOpe you bounce back super quick and feel yourself again very soon. How frequent are you infusions?

    • They put my whole forearm in a brace so I couldn’t move it. The Kindle works OK to keep me occupied. πŸ™‚ And next time I’ll give Jon permission to roam the hospital to help his back…I didn’t realize how uncomfortable it was.

      My infusions are every 3 weeks, so I think I have one week longer than Mark. In general week1 = sick, week2 = tired, week 3 = normal-ish to start all over again. But I’ve now got 1 out of 6 down and I think my exercise program should help a lot.

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