GI Jane

I was reminded today that I uploaded my post shave photo on Facebook but family and friends following the blog didn’t get a chance to see it. So, here you go:

I decided to do it the day before I started chemo because on my particular cocktail (TAC) I will lose my hair.Β  All the Dr.’s agreed that out of all the possible side effects this was pretty definite. Shaving it off felt defiant. Like, you’re going to take my hair cancer? Fine, I don’t care…I’ll just cut it off anyway. It was cathartic and empowering and I’m glad I did it. Afterwards I watched Demi Moore in GI Jane and felt pretty bad ass. Now if only I could do a one arm push up. πŸ™‚

Jonathan is working on a photo gallery to publish more images of the process which will hopefully be up soon.



9 thoughts on “GI Jane

  1. Personally, I am kind of obsessed with your new hairstyle, you are so beautiful! And I love that fire you up movie:) One armed push up, ha! I can’t even do two armed push ups!

    • Thanks Oren. It’s been nice to not have the hassle of longer hair. πŸ™‚ And it is amazing what scientists continue to discover…although I’m not sure how far we are willing to travel down that road. But we don’t have to make those decisions for a while. L

  2. Yeah, you are bad ass..ingly amazing, and you even look better than GI jane with a buzz! Hope it’s been a good week. Tim and I send our love and think about you and Jon all the time. Love, Leah

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