Creative Outlet


So far the side effects after the 3rd chemo infusion have been MUCH better than the last round. I even managed to avoid a 24 hour fever that Jonathan picked up. Whew! The main problems continue to be a sore throat/horrible taste in my mouth and mild neuropathy that comes and goes. But no nausea and debilitating fatigue so I’ll take it.

Things continue to be a bit quiet on the blogging front because I am not currently in a place where I’m being extremely introspective. I still read and give myself space to journal. But in general, I’ve been content to just sit and let my body and mind rest. I needed a week where I didn’t have to go anywhere, do anything, talk to anyone, think about anything in particular.Β  I watched movies when I wanted to and took naps when I needed to it was great. And actually this freedom inspired me to break out my jewelry making stuff and create. Fortunately the neuropathy was never bad enough to prevent me from working with my tools.

I have a 3 drawer chest full of an assortment of beads, wire, clasps, pendants (you get the idea) but it’s difficult for me to be inspired by materials I’ve had for years. However, I’ve given myself the challenge to use up the materials I already have before I can purchase anything new. I needed to impose this challenge because I used to have a bad habit of buying things I liked but never actually used them…any other crafters out there will understand. πŸ™‚

But since I don’t have much to say right now I thought I’d show you what I’ve created:



5 thoughts on “Creative Outlet

  1. So glad to hear the side effects are minimal this time. The jewelry is pretty cool too. I have a collection of things I thought I’d make something with and here they sit. Good for you for taking the challenge. Keeping you in my prayers and sending hugs, Kay

  2. You are such an inspiration Lynnea!!! I am thrilled you are such a champ with chemo infusions πŸ™‚ and making jewelry on top of it all – FANTASTIC!!!! Are you selling any of these?? I would love to buy one πŸ™‚
    So happy to hear you’re managing all of this so well, but still being honest with what’s happening to you and your body. I couldn’t be more thrilled about your progress!!!
    Love Steph

  3. Awesome- you’re talented. You’ve always had a knack for this stuff… and yes- totally get the discipline. I’m currently accumulating fabrics… ‘to sew’ πŸ™‚

  4. Ohhh, I am behind on reading your postings, and this one especially caught my eye! What lovely pieces you have created! I love the copper leaf combo. Creativity is SUCH an amazing outlet (I am often caught drawing late at night, I think creativity keeps me sane too)!!! Keep it up, and post more creative pictures – I love them!!! πŸ™‚

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