Ladies Run Groningen

I’ve had many people use the word inspiration in relation to me and this process. I guess the thing I should say is thank you, but it’s still an adjective that I have a hard time accepting for myself. Stubborn, yep that one works. Strong, that one is also a bit easier for me to see. Fighter…absolutely. But inspiration is still a funny one. I suppose I’ll work on it. 🙂

I’ve talked about this before, but the hardest thing for me about this cancer thing and the treatment process is feeling like your life is no longer in your control. I have a mile long list of medicine and appointments. I am stuck crossing my fingers after a chemo infusion wondering which side effects are going to roll through my body. I can’t make plans very far in advance because I never know how I’m going to feel. It seems like everything right now is just happening to me and I fight to maintain who I am as a person through it all. This is where the stubborn-ness comes in quite handy because I won’t give up.

I am a runner but I haven’t really done any running since I started chemo. Obviously. I have my chemo-exercise program to help maintain my fitness level but for the last 3 months I’d only run once…1.5 weeks ago right before my last infusion. I made a decision that (as much as I am able) I am going to keep running during chemo. It’s what I like to do. So…inspired by all my family and friends supporting me in various “Race for the Cures”, I signed up for the Ladies Run Groningen. This is an event that supports the Pink Ribbon Foundation for breast cancer resources and research. Perfect. It was a beautiful day and I had 2 lovely friends join me for a 5k jog around the city. I ran slow, but I ran the whole way and finished strong. I was pretty happy after not running for a few months, but hopefully I will be able to make it a more regular event. I really think that exercise and keeping my body strong helps to minimize the side effects of chemo. Even if it doesn’t it helps keep me from going crazy which is always a positive. Here’s some photos from the event thanks to my wonderful husband Jonathan:



2 thoughts on “Ladies Run Groningen

  1. I don’t think anyone who is truly inspirational really believes they are… they are just simply living life. So I def disagree with this L. You are strong, prob a little stubborn (we all are 😉 ), and yes very INSPIRING! You’re pictures prove it 🙂 The smile on your face shows that this breast cancer isn’t keeping you down!

    You can add another word to your repertoire… IMPRESSIVE! It’s fantastic your going to keep up running, I’m very impressed! I can’t even get to it with school and you can do it with chemo… so yes… inspiring and impressive!!!!!

    Love ya!

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