URGENT Request

Our aunt and uncle came to visit us last night on the tail end of a year long sabbatical last evening. We are very excited to see them but on their journey up my uncle’s computer bag was stolen off the train. The hardware is nothing but I can’t describe how precious and irreplaceable the contents are.

Unfortunately the computer contained the novel he had been pouring his heart into for 10 years…and devastatingly the back up copies. The bag also contained an art book with sketches and thoughts that have been collected through the years.  I can’t tell you how heart breaking this is to lose this work.

We know the thieves got off at Duivendrecht and are probably based somewhere in Amsterdam and will wipe the computer and dump the things they can’t use. My uncle will pay a reward for the return of anything no questions asked- honestly way more than thieves will get for the computer. 

We know this is a long shot but friends in the Netherlands…please forward this post to see if we can recover some of these irreplaceable items. Or if you have any suggestions on where we can look or what we can do. Please reply to this blog or email me at lmpaddock12@gmail.com.

Thank you so much for your help.



– The bag was a black heavy canvass computer bag with back pack  and shoulder straps. The bag had a name tag with this information:  

Jack Eastwood, 6 Mullock Street, St. John’s, Newfoundland,  Canada, A1C 2R5 (709) 579-3263

and had a message “reward offered for the return of this bag” at the bottom.

– The computer is an old white Macbook, dropped once, duct taped on the bottom right corner.

As well as the computer inside there was a black LaCie 500GB Hard drive,  two disc holders with CD’s andDVD’s of photos, a novel “The Red Car” and other information and one A4 size sketch book with drawings of artwork and furniture designs. 






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