Fit op weg

If you have been following along on our journey you know that through the course of my chemo treatments I have been participating in a “Fit op Weg” class…or what I have dubbed chemo-cise. They gave me a fitness test 11 weeks ago before my first infusion to assess my cardio capacity and strength. I was then given a workout routine to complete twice a week, designed with a goal of maintaining my current fitness level through the duration of my treatments. Well…their goal was maintaining…maintenance for me was the minimum. My goal was to get stronger.

I enjoy challenges and pushing myself to try and achieve new things. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s not but I always learn a hell of a lot about myself along the way. It’s taken some time to convince people in my life that I am “taking care of myself”. They are nervous that I might be pushing myself too hard and it’s a fair point. I have been known, on occasion, to sometimes push myself too hard but not now. I listen to my body and if I REALLY don’t feel well I will skip my class. If I’m just tired…I will make myself go because my body feels better after exercise…and then I will take a nap…and eat some chocolate. πŸ˜‰

All of this build up was to say that after 10 weeks of chemo I was given another fitness test today and I have improved in all areas!! Yahoo! My aerobic capacity and ability to use oxygen (V02 max) have both improved slightly and my 1 time max leg press and leg curl both increased by 10%. Not too shabby considering that every 3 weeks I am recovering from a round house kick to my immune system. But now it means my exercise program just got harder…bring it on. πŸ™‚



6 thoughts on “Fit op weg

  1. I am truly impressed…. Im sure you would beat me….

    Thanks for all your blogs and letting us knw how and where you re at, thinking of and praying for you!

  2. Good for you!!! What encouragement and inspiration to the rest of us! It’s hard for those around us who do not have cancer to truly understand how we feel and how much we can do. Only you know your limits and, I think, pushing yourself is good. My doc’s philosophy is that my body will let me know when it needs rest and the more active I could be, the better I would feel. He was right. πŸ™‚

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