My Rock

Yowza…that was some post yesterday. It was an honest and raw account of my week but now I need to add a follow up.  I apparently left folks a little bit hanging and have received quite a few messages making sure everything is OK. And no, honestly, things aren’t OK…but they will be…someday. This little blog is a space to write about how I’m weathering the storms of life and right now there are some pretty fierce winds from many directions. But through God’s strength I will not be blown away.

Today, at my chemo-cise group, I got a chance to chat with another woman I’ve connected with. For the sake of this story we will call her C. We were both friends with, R, the woman who is now facing a much longer/harder road with breast cancer. I was on the exercise bike and C came up and hopped on the one next to me. I asked her how she was doing and she said that she has had a very heavy week. She has been sick, her work is not going well and she feels absolutely surrounded by cancer. Oh sister I feel ya!! C mentioned that it had gotten to be too much and she went to see a counselor. She then pulled a flat, smooth stone out of the pocket of her exercise pants. She said “My counselor gave me this and told me to hold onto it when the thoughts get to be too heavy. I then need to try and think about something else” I asked her what she thinks about, and C said she didn’t know yet. She’s not very good at refocusing her thoughts but it felt good to hold on to the rock. Oh sister I feel that too!!

But my rock is not a stone in my pocket but personal God that I cling to. And good grief…right now I am clinging for dear life…but in the midst of all this he has been faithful. OK, now yesterday’s post is complete. I can weather these crappy weeks by standing on my rock.


2 thoughts on “My Rock

  1. Cancer is as much (or more) an emotional fight as it is a physical fight. I’m so glad you have the Lord. He will never let you down, but you know that already. Saying a prayer for you right this moment. Stay strong!

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