Tree in the desert

“Alone amidst a desert in Bahrain, there is a tree that defiantly stands with its roots deep in the sand. It is called the “tree of life.” Its source of water is unknown and none have been able to understand how such a symbol of life can survive in such a desolate area. Its leaves are full of color and it is a remarkable testament to fortitude in the face of adversity.”

Earlier this summer I was scouring the internet for inspiration on how to use up my store of chip beads. I had them in a variety of colors but had no real vision for what they could be. I happened across a design for a “Tree of Life” pendant and immediately had my direction. The image of this tree stubbornly surviving and thriving in the harshest of environments seemed to embody my life. I am this tree. Right now my life is a desert devoid of anything that promotes life. But deep deep in my heart I am tapped into my life source. Jesus will help me not only survive but thrive in this season. There is beauty in the desert I just need to find it.


8 thoughts on “Tree in the desert

  1. Lynnea,
    Hang onto Jesus and His cross. Rest in His presence. My prayers are storming heaven in intercession for you.
    Love you,

  2. for an engineer you are so creative!!!! (or is that an insult for the engineers here?…sorry….just a psychologist talking here….). Its a beautiful (word) picture Lynnea and so beautifully made! May the beauty surprise you and overwhelm you and may God give you an abundance of his living water and soothing cool breeze to be able to stand! mirjam

  3. Lynnea, You are truly amazing. Thinking of you and hoping you continue to find what you need in this desert to survive and thrive. Love, Leah

  4. Lynne’s & Jon, you are never far from our thoughts. Every time we drive by the old Broadway hall where you were married, recalling memories of camping on Lk Roosevelt, and especially this weekend spent with Glen & Sharon, just know we hold you in our hearts.
    Shelley & Ken

  5. I love your anaolgy. Your writings are very inspiring and so from the heart. They really speak to my soul. I too have a testimony of Jesus Christ and interestingly you have chosen many of the verses that have helped me during hard times. (I used to ride a van pool with your mom but now ride the bus with her. She often talked of her daughters and I knew she was so proud of each of you. I can see why.) Memory

  6. Lay, where did you get the photo of the tree, and can I use it in a blog post for the Center for Theology, Science, and Human Flourishing?

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