Letting go

Letting go…easy to say…very difficult to do (for me 🙂 ). There are a lot of nice Christian sayings…”Let go and let God” or “Surrender everything to God”…I heard those and honestly wanted to follow them. But I realized this year I had absolutely no idea what that really meant. My words were saying “Yes God I am letting go…I trust you, your timing and your provision.” My actions were saying “You know God, I realize you are very busy and I want to make sure my life turns out this particular way…soooo let me help you out. You can have the things I don’t really care about but the ones I do…I’ll hold onto those.” Living life this way is exhausting and then you realize that control is actually an illusion to begin with. I love this artwork by Alisa Holland.

Artwork by Alisa Holland at www.myconcretesky.com

Artwork by Alisa Holland at www.myconcretesky.com or Pinterest

Letting go and not pushing for a particular outcome…standing in the unknown can be terrifying…but I have actually found so much freedom this year when I loosened my grip on things I couldn’t control anyway.



2 thoughts on “Letting go

  1. Once I finally realized this, it has been a calmer ride 🙂 I read a quote from The Art of Happiness, I believe, that said to learn to let things just roll off your back, sort of how water falls off a duck 🙂 you aren’t in control anyway and may as well just let it roll right off your back 🙂

    My two cents 😉 great post L! Miss you xoxo

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