Judgement and walking in another’s shoes

This is a topic I have been thinking a lot about recently…and one that a new blogging connection seemed to articulate so well. Love moves people. Love changes people. Jesus came to love and save us all. Why do we spend so much time judging?

Walking the talk

The Bible says that we shouldn’t judge … but it’s hard not to.  When talking to another person, my mind is constantly assessing, forming opinions on – and let’s face it, judging what they’re saying.  We make decisions on what we like / dislike, agree with / disagree with, think is right / wrong.  We judge.

Not that this is necessarily a bad thing – we sniff milk that’s been left for slightly too long in the fridge to judge if it’s good to drink.  Similarly, we judge what people say / write to see whether it is wholesome – or not – for our minds, spirits or souls.  We use the innate judgement that God has given us.

But when we judge in a different way we can be in effect saying that we are worthier of God’s love / forgiveness / attention etc than the person we are…

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