I have been thinking a lot about wounds this week…primarily because I accidentally gave myself a pretty bad cut. I will write more about it on Wednesday but thought it was nice to reblog a post from this past fall.
Happy Monday,

Burning Brightly

What are wounds? When most of us think about them we probably think of physical wounds. We think of the time we fell off our bike and scraped our knee or cut our hand while cooking. Wounds HURT. They compromise the integrity of our skin defense and allow bacteria in. They typically require action on our part to clean them and bandage them to prevent infection…but sometimes they become infected despite our best efforts.

Emotional wounds are harder to recognize and even harder to treat. We all have them. Some have more than others. They are the product of hearts interacting in an imperfect world. We can wound people even when we don’t mean to. We can especially wound people when we mean to. We can have wounds from our childhood and family or previous relationships…we can inflict them on ourselves with our choices. They can be caused by an…

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3 thoughts on “Wounds

    • I would be honored. 🙂 And oops are we supposed to ask? I think I reblogged one of your posts without asking…hope that was OK. I’m never sure about this whole blogging etiquette. xx L

      • Neither am I … I generally take it as a compliment if people do – I guess I would be less pleased if people passed it off as their own but if you’re re-blogging it points back to the original page anyway. Still learning myself! x

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