Happy Birthday to me

This was a post I wrote last year for my birthday…in between chemo rounds 4 and 5. A lot of what I learned is still relevant for this year so here you go again. 🙂
This birthday is hard…the hardest one yet…there isn’t a lot for me to say. I am so thankful for good friends in Groningen…but I am acutely aware of the people that are missing. I know there is hope and positive things on the horizon but I will give myself the space to be sad. In the midst of it I know God loves me so profoundly and feel like He has his arms wrapped tight around me. It’s comforting. A good cry, a deep breath and a glass of wine will be the plan for tonight. Happy Wednesday.

Burning Brightly

Tomorrow is my birthday…the big 32. Big? I can hear the sarcastic snort from anyone older than me through my computer. 🙂 I know I’m still young but I feel like this year has

aged me physically and mentally in ways that are difficult to describe. I’ve never been a big birthday celebration person. Most of the time a few friends at a pub and a nice dinner are more than enough. My birthday has always felt like a normal day and I let it pass with a mild interest and add another digit to my age. This year is different. This year I feel very profoundly that we don’t know how many birthdays we will get. That absolutely nothing in this life is guaranteed. My perspective right now is a bit colored by news I received this weekend of a fellow “chemo-cise” exercise partner. She was one of the…

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6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me

  1. Happy birthday dear!!!
    May this year be easier!
    Full of health, love and happiness!
    Big hug and kisses from Israel!

  2. Happy day of your birth, sista! I am so glad you were born. Had a great time with Jon today. Summer in Seattle. Hard to beat!

    • Thanks girl…I’ve got a mental inventory of all the drinks we need to consume together. But we might need to spread it out better than last time. 😉 Miss you! xx L

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