About Me


head shotI am not a writer.  I am an engineer.  I write like an engineer in bullet points and thought fragments.  But I am authentic and this blog is about sharing my process…I hope my heart comes through.  I am passionate about Jesus. I love running, skiing and being active.  I love making and designing jewelry. I enjoy traveling but have found that I need to also have a home.  Endlessly roaming the world and living out of a backpack sounds romantic but is not for me. I need structure. I moved to the Netherlands with my husband in 2010 to work for Royal Philips Electronics. I was diagnosed with IDC (Invasive Ductal Carcinoma – Breast Cancer) in February 2012. I chose to go through the cancer treatment (surgery, chemo, radiation) in the Netherlands rather than returning to the United States which is a blessing and a challenge. Also, in 2012 the foundations of my marriage were shaken and my husband returned to the US. This was one of the most intensely painful, uncertain seasons of my life. We lived on different continents for 2 years and through God orchestrated circumstances I returned home to Seattle in Sept 2014. Slowly but surely God is healing, restoring and rebuilding a new marriage. The future is unknown but our hope is firmly in God and his promises…and this space is where we share what it means for us to “walk by faith and hope” in the midst of the storm while the story is still being written.