There’s no place like Seattle

I apoogize for the sporadic blogging. I know everyone is desperately waiting for the scattered thoughts that I choose to send out to cyberspace. 🙂 But after my desert walk about I had 2 days in Groningen and then left again for some time in Seattle. It has been good to be back. I haven’t been back for 2.5 years which feels like a blink and an eternity at the same time. Some things have changed…some things haven’t. There have been many new additions to families. Some of my favorite restaurants and coffee shops are gone…some are still there. (Disclaimer for my Dutch friends…coffee shops here are where you actually go to buy COFFEE not marijuana) There seems to be construction everywhere. The weather is exactly how I remember it. I still love the white lights in downtown Seatte for the holidays. Advent season at Bethany Community Church has brought a peace to my heart. And the microbrews have not disappointed. 🙂 This still feels like home and it is good for my soul.

So I will pick up blogging a bit more regularly in 2013 but right now I am giving myself the space for a giant exhale as 2012 comes to a close.

Happy Holidays,