Happy Cancer-versary

One year ago on Feb 16, 2012 a Dr. walked into his office and gave me (and Jonathan) the cancerversary devastating news of…you have breast cancer. This appointment started the roller coaster of surgery…IVF…chemotherapy and radiation that then consumed the next 8 months and transformed the rest of my life. I will never forget that moment. When the world stops and it feels like the bottom has fallen out of your hopes and dreams. I can’t believe it has been a  year and I can’t believe it has been only a year at the same time.

How do you mark an anniversary like this? With tears? Yes. With good friends gathered around you celebrating what you have overcome? Also yes. I knew this week and weekend would be difficult with Valentines Day and my cancer-versary so I decided to throw a dinner party and mark this milestone with good friends around me. I filled my home with people who love me and have absolutely surrounded and supported me this year. I truly don’t know where I would be without them and am humbled by the blessing this community has been in my life.

Full dinner table = Happy heart...Sorry Alejandro next time I'll get one with your eyes open. ;-)

Full dinner table = Happy heart…Sorry Alejandro next time I’ll get one with your eyes open. 😉

I chose to focus on things I had gained this year rather than everything I lost. Don’t get me wrong…I had my times of grieving and I still wish the C-word had never struck but THAT is something I can’t change. I CAN change how I choose to allow this to shape my life and recognize the depth of faith, strength, compassion and determination I have because of the trials this year. In the midst of everything I have a lot to be thankful for.

There were a lot of great moments but my favorite was when I brought out the dessert. I know that some BC patients can have a hard time with how our disease is trivialized by a pink ribbon and gimmicky/sexualized advertising campaigns. Most of the time I share those feelings but I decided to poke a little fun at Breast Cancer (I’ve earned it) and made “Boob cookies” for dessert. They were hilarious and delicious. And a great end to my cancer-versary.

It took a lot of energy (Maybe too much because I am now down with the flu 😦 ) But it was worth it. The perfect way to mark the anniversary that nobody wants but can provide a great opportunity for a party if you take it.